Would You Like To Know How to Make Consistent Market Profits Without Using Any Indicators?

In this Recorded Workshop, I Will Reveal How I Trade the Market Everyday Without The Use Of Indicators...


From: The Trading Desk of Toni Hansen, Sarasota, FL

Dear Active Trader,


  often get asked by my students how I manage to consistently take profits from the market. My answer has always been, "You must simplify your trading!"

One way to simplify your trading is to not rely on indicators. Instead, I tell my students to focus on the BIG PICTURE.

I teach traders to make trading decisions based upon real-time analysis using only price and volume. That's all! This single change alone has helped countless traders turn their trading around completely.

In this video presentation, I will first familiarize you with the core building blocks of price development. The components of price development are the bones and musculature of a market’s move and the knowledge of them are indispensable when you are monitoring a security for a setup with huge profit potential to trade.

As the presentation progresses, I strive to instill in you an understanding of the ebb and flow of market moves. It’s essential to understand how the bones and muscles of a price move fit together to create patterns and highly profitable setups in the markets. With this knowledge, you will learn how one pattern evolves and flows into another.

Throughout this one-of-a-kind presentation, I will teach you how to differentiate between an ideal set of criteria to form a perfect trade, as well as how to avoid those which are more likely doomed to fail.

Are you ready to stop trying to figure out complex indicators and systems and finally see the market clearly?

I know how difficult it can be to get away for a weekend to attend a class such as this, so now is your chance to take advantage of this type of opportunity from the comfort of home! In addition, I’ve compiled a 100-page pdf manuscript to compliment your learning experience! This addition is ONLY available through this special CD offer!


All my best,

Toni Hansen

In This Audio-Visual CD Presentation, you will...

Learn the building blocks of price development

Develop an understanding of the ebb and flow of market moves

Develop a strong basis for pattern recognition: perfection vs. mediocrity

Be privy to one of my all-time favorite price patterns revealed

BONUS: Receive your own copy of my manuscript: "Toni Hansen’s Ultimate Guide to Consistent Market Profits without Indicators"


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