"Toni Hansen is one of the few contemporary trading mentors
able to speak from this seat of power

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Dear Friends,

Are you confused and overwhelmed with vast array of trading strategies in the market place today? Are those new bells and whistles getting in the way of consistently making gains in your trading account?

Since starting my own full time trading career over 10 years ago, I have read enough technical analysis books to fill an entire bookshelf. I have tried every technique known to the trading world. But when I attempted to actually apply these techniques to the real market, none was what I was looking for.

However, I did discovered an underlying theme in technical analysis that all of the literature focused on: how price movements could be broken down into patterns. So...

“How can I make this knowledge actually work for me?”
Ignoring all outside sources of market information and education, I set up my charts and began to build upon the foundation of analyzing price movement, keeping indicators to a minimum. In time, I learned that many of the concepts I stumbled across were in fact in those books. However, finding them myself enabled me to learned a lot of the ins and outs that those books do not cover.

Although I made a lot of wrong turns along the way, the end result was one of my own making. I was able to avoid many of the more costly mistakes of my counter-parts who would jump from one idea and strategy to the next in the hope of finding the elusive Holy Grail.
My unique approach to technical analysis is to think in terms of “the bigger picture.” In much the same way that human behavior can be broken down into a number of different categories, so can the markets.

I have broken these down into 5 major technical indicators or tools inherent to every pattern and setup that forms in the market.

I called this system of trading: "5 Powerful Technical Indicators
You should NOT Trade WITHOUT


#1 – Introduction
#2 – Pace
#3 – Volume
#4 – Reversal Periods
#5 – Support and Resistance
#6 – Trend Development
7Managing Risk
#8Assessing the Market
9– Putting It All Together

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I will share with you the five powerful tools that I rely on everyday in order to calculate the odds on each and every trade that I personally take. These powerful signals have stood the test of time in all market conditions and they are as accurate as ever in today's volatile market.

I will show you how to use these five technical signals step-by-step. Every nuance and application will be explained clearly using interactive video and audio in a way that even new traders can easily master and start applying them to the market immediately without feeling confused and overwhelmed. You can watch these videos segments as many times as you like and learn at your own pace. Put these techniques into use immediately and see immediate results.

I will also discuss subtle nuances that even the most advanced traders can use to develop and fine-tune their skills.

These powerful signals apply not only to every time frame from scalping to investing, but to every market from stocks, E-minis, bonds, options, and much more.

The ability to transcend time and markets is just one of the reasons these tools are so useful and can create long-lasting success. I like to keep things simple. There are no intricate tools or indicators that you need to learn. Every indicator I use is widely available to anyone with a computer and internet connection and the techniques are such that I was able to teach them to a particularly enthusiastic 7-year-old.

The primary focus of this course is to share these tools with you and to provide you with a solid foundation for your own education as a trader. I will be going over each of these five technical tools in detail, discuss how to compile these tools into workable formulas and techniques and show you how to use them to judge the odds on a trade. I will show you how to evaluate the risk-reward potential on each and every position you are looking at entering, including how to manage these positions once they are open.

If you know me, you will know that I have very high standards about the quality of education I offer to my students. This is a must-have educational resource if you are serious about improving and fine tuning your personal trading. You will agree and I will back it 100% with a no question asked money back guarantee.

All my best,


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Client Testimonials

"I've never had a teacher of ANYthing make SUCH a difference..." - Chris Sauer

"Could not have done it without your coaching. Thanks again." - Udo Harttung.

"I now can recognize reliable "setups" with confidence." - Mike Beissner

"Toni, I'm now a very successful trader, in significant profits... All thanks to you...
You are very special." -Bert



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From Alan Farley - Hardrightedge.com
The business of trading has boomed in recent years. Websites and bookshelves now offer a wide variety of commercial products, all designed to help you trade like a pro. But much has been lost in the rush to build state-of-the-art technical trading tools. The truth is the market will never give up its gifts so easily.

Contrary to popular opinion, you can’t make money with technical analysis. This venerable art presents only a passive view of rapidly changing information. Neither a candlestick pattern nor a moving average crossover can tell you where to buy or sell. Only skilled execution and risk management will actually yield the fruits of a profitable trade.Technical knowledge by itself has little value. Learning price patterns or memorizing setups is only a baby step in trading education. But many students stop there, thinking they’ve learned enough to succeed in the trading game. Unfortunately, they don’t recognize their considerable danger. Limited knowledge has lulled them into a false sense of security. They misinterpret their ability to see as the power to trade.  

The more difficult but successful path lies in the application of perfect market timing and skilled trade execution. Actions speak much louder than words…or even price charts with lots of trendlines.  

Few trading educators these days teach their students to approach the markets from this seat of power. Yet this is the path that opens the door to consistent trading performance. Perhaps teachers have become so enamored with multimedia and high tech that they’re forgotten the markets have not really changed at all in the past century.

Toni Hansen is one of the few contemporary trading mentors able to speak from this seat of power. Her depth of understanding rivals the greatest educators of our day. Her methods are simple, yet profound: she teaches students to study the markets from the inside out. She also shows them how to overcome the knowledge game, and trade successfully.

Toni’s unique point of view opens the door of opportunity for the serious student of the financial markets. She takes her readers well beyond simple concepts, and into the realm of understanding and trade mastery. Study her CD course and profit from it! 

Alan S. Farley

Author – The Master Swing Trader
Editor/Publisher – Hard Right Edge



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